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Types of CNC Machines for Sale

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines are used in the tooling industry, and they rely on computers rather than humans to accomplish tasks. They make use of software, drives, actuators, and breakout boards to complete the assigned task.

CNC machinesHere are some CNC machines for sale on the market today;

1. Pick and Place Machines

This type of machine makes use of vacuum in multiple nozzles to pick up electrical components. The machine then places the components on a printed circuit board. These machines are mostly used to pick and place electrical components that make devices such as phones, computer motherboards, televisions, and anything that has a printed circuit board.

2. Router

Routers have absolutely no human interface. Instead, the user enters commands into a computer. They are used for cutting wood, sheet metal, and plastics. 3 axis Cartesian coordinate routers are used in 3 dimension machining, pocketing, and cutting profiles.

3. 3D Printer

A 3D printer has an additive mechanism. Instead of a work piece that’s continually chipped at until the desired shape is achieved, a 3D printer works on a blank canvas and gradually builds up layer after layer until the desired shape is achieved.

4. Milling Machines

CNC milling machines are perhaps the most widely used CNC machines. Milling is the process of discarding material from a work piece by rotary cutting. Milling is used in shaping as well as creating such details as holes, pockets, grooves, slots, and notches on the work piece. The cutter in a milling machine has several cutting points and it moves either perpendicularly or horizontally on an axis.

5. Lathe

A lathe works by spinning the work piece on a spindle while the cutting tool chips away at the unwanted material. Therefore, it is the cutting tool that moves along the X and Y axis in CNC lathes rather than the work piece.

6. CNC Plasma Cutter

These machines are quite similar to routers but instead of a spinning tool, the machine moves a plasma torch around the path that’s commanded by the computer. Plasma cutters are used in the cutting of 2D profiles.

7. CNC Laser Cutter

This uses the same mechanism as the plasma cutter but makes use of a laser to cut the work piece. They are ideal for cutting metals, plastic, and even wood. However, each material will require different laser strengths depending on its thickness and sturdiness.

CNC equipment is an enormous investment, and you should not buy from anyone purporting to have CNC machines for sale. Deal with someone who’s knowledgeable and who will take you through your particular machining needs. Contact Stoney CNC for reasonable deals along with expert advice.

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