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Common Types of CNC Machines

There are many types of Computer Numeric Control machines in the market. However, there are some that have stood out and become the common ones that manufacturers use in their production activities.

They include:

CNC MachineCNC Router

CNC routers get used in the cutting materials such as steel, aluminium, wood, compositors, and plastic.

Plasma Cutters

A CNC plasma cutter is a machine that employs plasma torches to cut into heavy material quickly. Its accuracy makes it a preferred choice as it only melts the precise areas one is looking to cut into with ease making the final product cleaner than if you used other CNC machines.

Laser Cutter

The CNC laser cutting machine uses laser beams to cut materials. It works by directing a high power laser onto the material you seek to cut. The laser beam can vaporise, burn, blow away using a jet of gas or melt a surface leaving it with a high-quality finish.

Milling Machines

They drill and cut materials to create components and precision parts that get used in various manufacturing and industrial needs. It is the better choices for CNC cutting machines as it can perform multiple functions such as face and shoulder milling, turning, tapping and drilling.

JKR Large Format CNC Router

It comes in different sizes with tool changer options. Due to its size, it has features that enable one to move it without causing any damage quickly. Here are the key features it comes with:

  • It has a guide for forklift forks through a base section welded to the base of machine centre.
  • Versatile parts which make it easy to move to minimise the risk of damage
  • It has heavy duty M24 legs for easy levelling and lowering onto heavy duty castors

Axiom CNC Router

It is a small format CNC router known for its precision. Although it is the smaller version, it comes equipped with all the necessary feature of the pro series. It is the better option when going to perform a small task that needs cutting due to its portability.

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