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Vacuum Table

CNC router aluminium vacuum table

The professional machines can be fully supplied with aluminium vacuum tables. The tables are multi-zoned high quality aluminium-Polyethylene-aluminium sandwich construction. The tables can be supplied fully fitted and skimmed flat for full optimisation of tram.

High under-pressure high volume pump specs

For the largest 1259012 system we recommend the 2kW three phase pump. At 2 KW this system needs a single phase to three phase VFD. The system also needs a filter and an under pressure release valve. You still cannot cut off flow 100% with this sort of pump. You have to bleed the line slightly to match the pumps stated underpressure values. If you don’t do this you have a fire hazard

Very stable clamping

Wtih the high spec pump and the table skimmed when installed – the performance is excellent. You can place a 3mm piece of MDF onto the table top surface. You can then place your part on top of the MDF. The MDF is porous and the pump is powerful enough such that the work is held “through the MDF”.

This allows for slight overcutting (0.2mm for example) to ensure perfect clean cutting on the bottom part surface. And the MDF protects the table from being machined.

We use this exact system in full production in our workshop.

5mm polycarbonate panels machined on the vacuum system

5mm polycarbonate panels with a series of holes and apertures are shown cut out on the 1259012 system. the 5mm polycarbonate panels are held to the table through the MDF. The toolpath is over cut by 0.2/0.3mm and the result is that the panels come off the table after cutting with an excellent finish and are ready to be fitted to their enclosure. the dust shoe does an excellent job of keeping the work area clean.

Opal discs machined on the JBEC 1259012
  • Batch production of opal 3mm discs
  • Full vacuum holding system
  • Parts held through the MDF
  • no finishing required
3mm polycarbonate 40mm discs

In this video a 1.5kW pump is shown pulling suction over a 600mm x 400mm sized table.

The parts made are 40mm diameter and no adhesive of other means of clamping other than the vacuum system was used.

10mm Delrin held on the vacuum table

the video shows a 10mm thick delrin part machined on the 1259012 system with the full vacuum clamping upgrade. the delrin is held through a piece of 3mm MDF that is placed between the delrin and the able.

The delrin part consists of a series of pockets, pecked holes and finally the outline cutout. The final outline cut is over machined by 0.2/0.3mm and the part comes off the table finished. No tabs were used. We use this system in house on a daily basis.

MDF and Aluminium Vacuum Tables

We supply a range of aluminium and MDF vacuum clamping solutions with high under pressure and flow rate pump systems.