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Why CNC Machining is becoming ever so popular?

What is a CNC Machine?

A CNC machine is any machine tool that can be run using a CNC (computer numerical control) system. Using a computer as the core operator of machine tools is a way of ensuring that an extremely high level of accuracy is introduced to the manufacturing cycle. CNC machining has allowed for the mass production of items that would, using manual machine tools, be very time consuming and expensive to replicate time and time again. The levels of precision and exact replication offered by CNC machines is humanly impossible to achieve in anywhere near the time it takes CNC machines, which deliver extremely tight tolerances. The machine tools which are best suited to the CNC process, and thusly produced with CNC systems, are lathes, routers, grinders and mills.

CNC Milling Machines

CNC milling machines perform the same basic functions as an ordinary milling machine in terms of using the drilling and cutting functions to achieve product shaping and grooving. However, the CNC mills are safer, more precise and more powerful. We at Stoney CNC supply the Mill-it range of equipment with the Mill-it-Mini and the Mill-it-MEGA for specialist use on aluminium and plastic.

CNC Routers

The CNC router is similar to a milling machine but is typically able to produce high precision decorations and carvings from wood and plastic. They effectively cut and carve with lightening precision to create such products as exterior and interior decorations, wooden frames, door carvings, furniture, sign boards, moldings and musical instruments.


CNC Control Electronics

CNC control electronics refer to all of the electronic devices that work to deliver the processor commands to the mechanics. These devices include control boards that run servos, stepper motors and sensors. Stoney CNC supplies the UC100 motion controller which provides an active interface between a USB output of the computer and the LPT input of the CNC equipment. The UC100 Motion Controller allows for the smoother control of movement by internally generating all of the pulses required by the machine instead of them being received through the standard LPT connection which can cause impaired performance. We supply the UC100 directly from our stores and maintain adequate stock levels.


Why are CNC Machines so Popular?

With soaring labour costs globally, manufacturers are constantly looking for innovative ways to cut the costs of production. CNC machines are a crucial aspect of so many manufacturing industries by automating processes into minute time frames, that would take several individual skilled workers days to achieve. The cost benefits are astounding when one considers the ability these machines have to churn out thousands of items with exactly the same specifications within strictly controlled periods of time. CNC machines typically manoeuvre work-pieces along between 3 to 5 axis, X, Y and Z, where X and Y are horizontal and Z is vertical or “up” and “down” movements. A “W” would be a diagonal movement. The ease at which all of the axis are navigated in unison makes CNC machines capable of creating complex shapes impossible by hand.


Buying from Stoney CNC

We understand that buying CNC equipment is not like buying a fridge. There are too many considerations involved from pre-sales assessments to post-sales configuration and support, to see the process as merely a sales transaction. We continually grow with our customers’ needs to ensure that their detail complexity demands are continually met and that any changing demands in duty cycle are addressed when necessary. All installs are attended by a CNC expert to ensure that the machine is running to specifications and configured correctly. All of our customer training is carried out onsite.

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