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Why Invest in a CNC Plasma Cutter?

Why CNC Cutters Have Become Popular

CNC plasma cutters are used widely in small machining workshop floors and by homeowners. It is surprising given that these machines had been limited to large operations. Here are five reasons why theses cutters have become more common than other CNC machines or alternatives such as laser and waterjets.

  1. CNC plasma cutterLow initial cost

Plasma cutters require low initial capital investment compared to laser and waterjet cutters. You will still spend less when you purchase a plasma cutter, irrespective of the features you choose. This makes these machines affordable for both small operations and homeowners.

  1. High precision

Even though plasma cutters are not as precise as laser and waterjets, it still beats other CNC machines. CNC control moves the gantry, torch carriage and z-axis of the cutter with a high level of precision. This control feature puts plasma cutters above the rest of the machines in the CNC family.

  1. Reduced running costs

CNC plasma cutters have the lowest operation cost when compared to waterjets and lasers. First, it is easy and straightforward to use, which eliminates the need for operator training. Secondly, consume less fuel and require little regular maintenance as well.

  1. Safety features

You not only need a machine that is cost effective and gets the work done but also one that is safe. This is essential when you plan to use it in a confined area or home workshop. One main problem with CNC machines is the fume and smoke that they release. Here again is where plasma cutters excel other CNC cutting options.

Plasma cutters come with downdraft table for exhausting the smoke. You can opt for cutters with an additional water table to remove the fumes. However, this does make safety gears unnecessary when using these cutters.

  1. High production

The rate of production is another feature that puts plasma cutter above all the alternatives. Its typical cutting rate is 60 to 200 inches per minute. Laser and waterjet can barely make beyond 70ipm and 15ipm respectively. Their speeds drop even further as the thickness of the material increases.

Advancement in technology has made plasma cutters the most suitable cutting machine for both large and small operation. It will get the job done faster and with little additional cost. It is also safer to use at home. You can visit any authorised CNC supplier such as here at Stoney CNC and buy one which suits your needs and budget.

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