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Why Invest In CNC Plasma Cutters

CNC Plasma Cutters: The Right Choice For You?

Is a CNC plasma cutter the right choice for you?

Looking to invest in CNC cutting machinery? The options available to you are principally plasma, waterjet and laser based systems.

cnc plasma cutters

What makes CNC plasma cutters the first choice for so many metal machine specialists?

Fast, precise and effective

Using superheated gas, CNC plasma cutters offer high speed along with precision cutting of large quantities of thin sheet metal, whether steel, aluminium, brass or copper. They deal effectively with a range of the most durable materials that require cutting, including carbon steel and cast iron.

When it comes to speed, laser and waterjets simply aren’t in the running. What’s more, the plasma cutter offers speed with consistent quality to produce the shapes you need, be they angled, tubular or grooved.

Ease of use for trained staff

With correct training, staff quickly find CNC plasma cutters easy and effective to use. It’s also a safe option for properly trained and qualified operators. The initial purchase costs are relatively low, so it’s easy to see that investing in a CNC plasma cutting system has the potential to save your company money from the day it’s purchased, without compromising on speed, safety or versatility.

Maintain product quality while keeping consumable costs down

Operating costs as well as investment costs are another plus for users of plasma cutting equipment. Ongoing operational costs are frequently half those of CNC laser cutting equipment and compare very favourably with those of waterjet cutting machines.

Meeting your needs efficiently and cost-effectively

Plasma cutters may be a cost-effective choice, but you don’t need to sacrifice flexibility either. Custom cutting equipment is one of Stoney CNC’s specialisms, including compatibility with upgraded 3-axis CNC packages. Demonstrations can be available via the company’s own client base on request. As with any business, it’s satisfied clients who are the best promoters.

Whether entry-level customer or experienced manufacturer, Stoney CNC’s experienced service is designed to meet your requirements.

Invest in the best support too

Finally, and most importantly, you need to have confidence that you’re not just purchasing a CNC plasma cutter, but also investing in the best support and training as well. A knowledgeable and experienced supplier such as Stoney CNC is able to provide a complete consultancy package if required. They’ll be there with advice and full after sales support whenever you need them.

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